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The Jirau barrier must withstand 30,000 logs/day during the wet season. BoatBuster-20ED was secifically designed for massive debris, ice and flow events.

BoatBuster-20ED™ was developed for massive debris loads and flows. Only Worthington has the experience and know-how to design the World's largest debris boom. The 3.5 mile long Jirau barrier must withstand debris flows in excess of 30,000 logs per day some as long as 80m with root balls in excess of 3m and at surface velocities exceeding 2.5m / second. 
Designed for the most demanding debris applications.

Screen depths up to 10-ft (3m)

Buoyancy in excess of 13,600lbs (6,170 kgs)

Modular design = easy shipping and assembly

Proven in extreme applications

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