BoatBuster - 20SD Debris Control
This Ohio River site was constantly hampered by 480ft deep debris jams. Worthington’s BoatBuster-20HD barriers solved the problem by deflecting all the debris and trash back into the river and downstream.
BoatBuster 20SD Before and After

First Light Cabot Station Ice Boom
Lake Merriweather Goshen Dam
BoatBuster 20HD Debris Barrier
Lake Merriweather Goshen Dam

Debris Control
Modular designs in 21-ft (6.4m) lengths

Buoyancy up to 8,500 lbs (3,855 kgs) per unit

Rigid debris screens below and optional screens above.

Interconnecting hardware designed for extreme loading.

Flexible inter-boom gap panels to prevent small debris from getting through.

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