Tuffboom Debris Control
The rapid snowmelt caused a 1-mile logjam behind the TUFFBOOM barrier. At one point, water was flowing 10 feet over the top of the dam.

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TUFFBOOM™ is the World's most widely used floating trash barrier. Worthington set the standard for waterborne debris control with our original TUFFBOOM™ log boom. Our commitment to continuous improvement means today's TUFFBOOM™ is more highly engineered, stronger and more durable than those of 15 years.
Aslancik Boom Turkey
Button Rock Reservoir
Tuffboom Debris Control
Stopping Power!
Modular floating units 10-ft (3.1m) long.

Simple installation allows unlimited number of floats to be connected together to form a complete boom line.

Unsinkable foam core.

Impact Resistant, Cold-Temperature Certified.

High-Strength, proof-tested GREENBOLT® connecting hardware designed exclusively for TUFFBOOM.

Up to 48-in (1.2m) depth with optional debris screens.

The WORTHINGTON® Difference

Decades of "lessons learned" go into every barrier. For example, the interboom connections form the linchpin between a barrier that stays together or breaks apart. We don’t settle for cheap generic foreign shackles, nor should you! We use only quality GREENBOLT® or CROSBY® brand shackles and links 

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