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We've harnessed the near super-computing capabilities of Mac Pro desktops to power our advanced 3D modelling and flow simulation software.
Apple Pro Desktop Computer

Engineering/Design services tailored to your requirements and existing capabilities. Our services are structured so you can decide how much, or how little, engineering & design support you require.

Worthington Design

For the Professional Engineer:

We'll provide you with the boom line tension calculations so you can design the anchorages and layouts for the boom line.   
For the Project Manager & Owner:

Let Worthington design your anchors and provide you with general layout and construction drawings. For complex projects, a Worthington Engineer will visit your site, gather data and discuss site parameters. Our engineer will then prepare a complete design brief and drawing set for the full project.

Full FLOW-3D Capabilities

We do more than just provide stunning 3D design and engineering documents. Our powerful Flow-3D software allows us to accurately model flows, loads, direction of debris, fish and people at your site allowing you to make a more informed decision.

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