Public Safety
More people die or are injured in accidents around dams than due to dam failures. Dam owners have a responsibility to safeguard the public.
Fairfax County Rescue

A Fairfax County utility worker and his son thought they were in for a day of fishing on the Occoquan. But then they saw something very out of the ordinary. As Russell Carpenter and his son sat at the base of the Occoquan Reservoir they saw a boat spill over the 72-foot high dam. Then they witnessed two people clinging to an old safety support on top of the dam.

Accidents happen at dams all of the time. Although many of these are due to negligence of the injured or deceased, the legal and economic impact to the dam owner is significant - even when the dam owner was not found to be at fault.

Worthington offers a variety of barriers, buoys and signage so dam owners can properly safeguard their sites from a public that lacks an understanding of the dangers that lurk above and below the surface.
Tuffboom Public Safety

The World's Most Popular Safety Barrier. 

TUFFBOOM™ standard barriers provide excellent visibility, high quality Mold-In graphics and meet the Canadian Dam Associations Guidelines for Public Safety Around Dams recommendations.

Fairfax Water Occoquan Dam

High Visibility for Larger Water Bodies and Tailraces. 

BoatBuster floats are large diameter floats for use on large bodies of water high visibility or greater resistance to waves and wind is required. Also designed specifically for use in tailraces and below spillgates.

Malaysia Hulu Terrengannu

Economical Floats and Markers.

TUFFBUOY is a complete line of round and oval floats, can buoys and markers for use in low risk areas and where a low cost solution is desired.


Sign Floats, Floating Safety Fences, Signage

Our TUFFSIGN line includes floating signs of any size, land based safety signage and floating raised safety fences.

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