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BoatBuster provides high visibility and robust performance in waves, wind and tailrace applications.

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BoatBuster barriers are barrel style booms engineered for use on large bodies of water and/or rough water conditions. Each fully assembled BoatBusters unit measured 3-feet in diameter x 4-feet long (dia 92cm x 122cm) long and features an engineered internal steel axle used to transfer load from one unit the next while providing a common point for connecting units together.

BoatBuster actually consists of two fully foam filled half-shell float units bolted together over an internal central axle. BoatBuster is big in size and big in capability. Delivering nearly 1,800 lbs of buoyancy per unit, these floats are virtually unsinkable. Don't let the size fool you however. Each unit has a 6-inch draft wich means 87% of the barrier is visible above water. These units can be supplied with frontal graphics, reflective marine tape and alternating colors. 

Diameters ranging from 36" to 60"

Buoyancy not less than 1,800lbs per unit

Unsinkable foam core.

Impact Resistant, Cold-Temperature Certified.

High Visibility low draft (less than 8" in most applications).

High visibility graphics

High strength interconnecting chain or cable.

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