Tuffboom Public Safety
One person died and eight others rescued after a boat loses power and goes off of Maryland dam. June 15, 2016. This accident never should have occurred.

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Lake Liganore Rescue

Dam owners have a responsibility to safeguard their sites from negligence and accidents. The death of a 63 year-old father at his daughters 16th birthday party never should have occurred. This open spillway should have been protected with a suitable boom or buoy line that would capture or deflect boats towards the shoreline where they can safely exit to land. Regardless of who was at fault, the financial and legal consequences for the dam owners will be significant.
Brookfield Cedres Dam
Lake Kaweah Terminus Dam
Tuffboom Debris Control
Stopping Power!
Tuffboom Public Safety Barrier
Modular floating units 10-ft (3.1m) long.

Simple installation allows unlimited number of floats to be connected together to form a complete boom line.

Unsinkable foam core.

Impact Resistant, Cold-Temperature Certified.

Up to 12" freeboard in still water. 

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