Worthington provides stationary land based signs as well as sign floats and floating safety fences for upstream of low head dams
TUFFSIGN Sign Floats

Low Head Dams and weirs are commonly known as killing machines. For many owners, placing a solid boom line upstream of the dam is not an option due to flow conditions, debris and ice issues. Worthington’s TUFFSIGN line of products includes floating barriers that span a river but with a low draft design and cable that is high enough above the water to allow debris and ice to pass by but low enough that a distressed swimmer, kayaker, canniest, paddle boarder, etc can easy grab on and hold until rescue arrives. The high buoyancy floats are additionally designed as a safety platform where a stranded individual can climb on and await rescue.

Whatever your land based signage or floating signage needs are, you can look to Worthington for complete Public Safety at Dams solutions.

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