Specialty Products

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Fish Guidance Solutions

Worthington pioneered the physical fish guidance barrier. Worthington’s fish guidance systems have been highly effective guiding downward migrating fish such as salmonoid smolts away from dangerous water intakes and turbines. Our systems are physical barriers consisting of a floating element and an underwater guiding system that takes advantage of natural water flows to guide fish to a takeout point or bypass system.

Results You Can Count On

Worthington Physical Fish Guidance Systems have achieved 92% guidance rates while minimizing bypass flows.

Minimal Bypass Flows

Washington (state) Hydroelectric Plant
Steelhead - 92%
Chinook - 86%
Coho - 76%

Maine Hydroelectric Plant (Kennebec River)
Atlantic Salmon - 85%
Bypass Flows: Below 6%

Maine Hydroelectric Plant
Atlantic Salmon - 80%
Bypass Flows: Below 5%

Cost Effective

Worthington's fish-tight™ fish guidance systems are designed to achieve the highest guidance rates while minimizing bypass flows. Our staff fisheries biologists work closely with our clients to understand their needs. The results are common sense guidance systems at economical costs.

Worthington fish guidance systems are installed in Maine, Oregon, Washington State and California.


Maritime Security Barriers

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A boat travelling 60mph covers 88 feet every second! If your barrier won't stop that boat in under 1-second, chances are the terrorist will be close enough to inflict serious damage. Talk to our experts to learn how a Worthington maritime security barrier can meet your force protection and port security needs. 

Tested and Certified

By the United States Government in accordance with SLE 03-01

100 km/h to ZERO in 0.4 seconds

Vessel Size: 7.9m long
Type: Sea-Ray
Speed at Impact: 100 kmh
Impact Force (lbs): 1,093,000
Impact Force (Joules): 1,483,000
Penetration: Vessel was unable to penetrate the barrier.
Vessel Arrest Time: 0.4 seconds

Maritime Defense Barriers

Worthington Maritime Defense Floating Barriers protect critical maritime assets from water-borne attack such as occurred with the USS Cole. Worthington’s unique designs quickly displace the high energy generated at impact while remaining upright in the event of a follow-on attack.

Worthington can provide complete worldwide turnkey solutions including:

  • Engineering/design

  • Installation & commissioning

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

  • Add-on systems including:

    • Boat Gates

    • Sub-surface anti-swimmer netting

    • marine lighting

    • Ground based radar and enhanced intruder detection