Dam Signage

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Public Dam Safety

Proper signage around dams is one of the most effective actions a dam owner can take to alert the public of potential hazards that exist around their dam. Worthington understands Public Safety Around Dams and the role of dam signage as part of a public safety plan.

Worthington’s Public Safety dam signs are modeled after the US Army Corps of Engineers and Canadian Dam Association signage guidelines. Our sign experts are continually trained and tested to assure they know proper signage procedures and can advise our clients of the same.

What makes a good dam sign?

Worthington’s Public Safety Around Dams sign program takes the current best practices of signage design, lettering, reflectivity, color and size to provide the dam owner with consistent effective signage at, above and below the dam. A good sign should be one that is esay to read, identifies the hazard and provides instruction on how to avoid the hazard.

DANGER - Dam Ahead

More people die or are injured in accidents around dams than due to dam failures. Dam owners have a responsibility to safeguard the public. Proper and consistent signage is an integral part of any public safety plan. Yet, signs are often faded, vandalized, overgrown or simply worded incorrectly. Worthington can help you develop and implement an effective sign program for all of your at risk facilities. Talk to our sign experts today.

Worthington Makes Dam Signs

A public safety around dams program consists of booms and buoys but of equal importance are the warning and danger signs that precede and accompany the boom lines. This safety boom line near Niagara Falls, Ontario includes high visibility BoatBuster® floats and properly sized and worded danger signs at each end of the boom line to warn approaching boaters long before they reach the boom line. When discussing a safety boom line, always include Worthington signs as part of an integral program.

Public Safety is a Shared Responsibility

At Worthington Products, Public Safety Around Dams is not just a slogan. It is rooted into our very core. We believe we have an obligation and a responsibility to saves lives and prevent accidents. This belief goes beyond profits - it’s the right thing to do. We encourage all dam safety professionals, engineers and dam operators to know their part. There are several industry organizations ready to assist you in planing, training and executing your public safety around dams plans. Please do your part to reduce accidents and fatalities at dams by visiting these sites to learn more: