It's not about our experience.

It's how we use that experience to improve yours.


We started Worthington Products in 2001 because we loved dams and hydroelectric power plants. We've since grown to become the world's most trusted, and recognized, name for providing quality waterway barriers for Debris Control, Public Safety Around Dams, Boat Barriers, Ice-Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Counter-Terrorism & Security.


Where is Worthington?

Installations in 62 Countries including:

Austria - Ecuador - Malawi - Surinam - Brazil - Uganda - Liberia - Canada - Spain - France - India - Turkey - Saudi Arabia - Egypt - USA - Nigeria - Malaysia - Australia - Mexico - Panama - Sierra Leone and many more

Why is Worthington is the recognized leader in waterway barrier technology? We offer sound engineering backed by proven experience and a commitment to listening to our customer's needs. You can count on Worthington to offer expert advice backed by quality products and services. Worthington offers a dedicated worldwide network of knowledgeable sales agents, fluency in multiple languages, and an experienced logistics staff. More than ever, Worthington is able to service your needs, no matter where your project is located.