18 Years, 62 Countries, One Company

For over 18 years, in more than 62 countries, Worthington Products has been the most trusted and called upon name to provide quality waterway barriers. At Worthington we believe that it is not about our experience, but how we use that experience to improve yours.

Debris Control
No one knows how to control floating debris, trash and hyacinth more than Worthington. Our debris control solutions are robust and designed for long term use under the most difficult conditions.
Public Dam Safety
More people die or are injured around dams due to accidents than due to dam failures. That is why Worthington offers a complete range of floating barriers designed to keep the public safe.
Steel Pontoons Ice Booms
Standard "off-the-shelf" solutions do not always work for every location. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions tailored to their project specific challenges.
Counter Terrorism
The world is an increasingly unsafe place. Terrorists aim to destroy public works & military facilities with increasing regularity. Worthington's proven counter-terrorism barriers stop the threat.
Fish Guidance
Worthington Products employs experienced fisheries, biologists and engineers to design and build fish barriers and behavioral guidance systems with successful installations in the eastern and western USA.
Engineering and Design
Our 3D design software, professional engineers from the dam industry, 3D modeling and 15+ years experience allows us to provide you with a full range of engineering and design capabilities.

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15 Years, 58 Countries. One Company.