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Engineering & Design
Powerful Partnerships

We’ve paired our specialized internal engineering department with some of the world’s most known engineering firms to be able to offer complete design and engineering services on simple to hugely complex projects. Our designs are offered in 3D via Solidworks® or 2D via AutoCAD®. For heightened requirements, Worthington has large internal computing and cloud-based capabilities to simulate complex flow scenarios. Using the powerful Flow3D® software platform, we can model boom behavior under complex headpond and spillway conditions.

Engineering/Design services tailored to your requirements and existing capabilities. Our services are structured so you can decide how much, or how little, engineering & design support you require.

For the Professional Engineer:
We provide the boom line tension. Your engineers and drafters complete the design submission package including layouts, anchor drawings, engineering stamps and more.   

For the Project Manager & Owner:
Worthington will design the boom line including layouts, anchorages, design calculation briefs and stamped for construction drawing sets. For complex projects, Worthington engineers will visit your site, gather data and discuss site parameters and review barrier options with your project team. Our engineers will then prepare a complete design brief and drawing set for the full project.

Full FLOW-3D® Capabilities

We do more than just provide stunning 3D design and engineering documents. Our powerful Flow-3D software allows us to accurately model flows, loads, direction of debris, fish and people at your site allowing you to make a more informed decision.



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Worthington has partnered with leading maritime construction companies to offer complete turnkey capabilities. Whether it’s a simple point to point boom line or a complex system requiring underwater work, in-water mooring and anchors, Worthington’s partnerships ensure we are able to tackle all projects, large and small, with a focus on safety and efficiency. And we back our installation services with nearly 20-years experience designing and installing maritime barriers.



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Reliable Maintenance Services

Talk to a Worthington barrier expert about our preventative maintenance services. Our local and nationwide service providers are prepared to offer a maintenance solution tailored to your specific site needs whether for a single location or multiple sites within an entire system.

We do the work so you don't have to.