Debris Control
Debris buildup reduced the spillway capacity by 35% potentially triggering a dam failure!

Lake Lynn, WV, 1985

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Lake Lynn 1985

Whether it's logs & debris blocking your spillgates, ice in front of an intake or water hyacinth stacked against a trashrack, you need a solution. Floating trash, hyacinth, ice, logs, and other debris have serious consequences for owners of dams and powerplants. Worthington offers proven solutions no matter the location or severity of the problem. Follow the links below to learn more of our debris control solutions.
Aslancik Boom - Turkey

The Worlds Most Popular Debris Barrier

Modular floating units 10-ft (3.1m) long x 16in (41cm) dia for use in headponds above intakes, spill-gates and other structures to contain or deflect debris.  Optional debris screen attachments extend depth to up to 43in (109cm) below the surface. 

Ghent BB20 Debris Barrier

Robust Debris for Rivers and High Flow Zones.

Designed for higher flow locations, rivers and sites with significant debris fields. Features above and below water debris screens, high buoyancy, engineered high-load connections and choice of screen designs.

Malaysia Hulu Terrengannu

Extreme Debris requires and Extreme Debris Barrier

Designed for extreme flow, load and/or debris conditions. Features front mounted debris/skimmer panels to depths of 10ft(3m), load-rated connections. Great for controlling large floating islands and debris mats or for sites with sudden monsoonal debris surges.

Fessenheim 2014

Floating Debris Barriers with Personnel Walkways

A variation of the BB-20WB with submerged design screens but also includes a surface personnel walkway with a safety grating and railings to allow safe operator access along the entire boom line.

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